Sandalwood (100ml)

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100ml | Sandalwood | Woody, Aromatic, Complex

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THE STORY OF: Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a STAPLE of the cologne world, and for good reason! It is unmistakably masculine and carries with it a sense of authority and presence. The Oil is extracted from the wood of Sandalwood trees, the wood of which can retain this scent for over 10 years! These slow-growing trees thrive in harsh conditions and there is a grit, determination and drive to succeed in their identify which is why we gravitated toward them for our colognes. 

Buddhists also believe that the sandalwood scent can transform one’s desires and maintains a person’s alertness while in meditation. This woody, aromatic  & complex scent is a Grafton Barber favourite.

The number 51 of course, refers to where it all began – number 51 Grafton Street! 

About The Grafton Barber

Established in 1961 by Hugh McAllister Snr., The Grafton Barber is an award-winning chain of Barbershops – the largest in both Ireland & The UK with nearly 50 locations as of 2020.

Through generations of barbering expertise, brothers Hugh Jnr. & Conor Mc Allister have crafted and curated a range of premium grooming products that cover the entire male grooming spectrum, made with the finest ingredients that span ever corner of the globe.

In 2018 Hugh & Conor Released ‘Grooming & Etiquette for Gentlemen & their Sons’, with a foreword by actor James Nesbitt.

The Grafton Barber – providing you the Perfect Gifts for Him both inside & outside of the barbershop. We encourage you to Shop & Buy IRISH from a 100% family owned, Irish Business with almost 100 years of barbering experience behind us!

6 reviews for Sandalwood (100ml)

  1. Iano

    You can smell a cheap sandalwood a mile away, this is ultra premium and the price has me gobsmacked!

  2. Warren

    3 sprays is all you need to feel like a million dollars, this stuff is the dogs bollox

  3. Pearce O’D

    This screams gentleman at the top of its lungs!

  4. Xander J

    Hadn’t heard of Grafton Barbers when I got this for Christmas. Always ordering from the states now. Very quick delivery considering

  5. Fergus K

    Sandalwood is a tough scent to get right. This doesn’t overpower but sill has presence

  6. Chloe Tracey

    My boyfriend loves this, buy it at least once a year!

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