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MAXED – Hair Spray Strong hold ideal Quiff spray

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This is our fast drying Maxed hold non-aerosol hair spray that has been developed for men.
For styling that requires height and hold but does not have the weight of styling wax, strong hold ideal Quiff spray.

How to use
Towel dry off shampooed hair and spray 4 to 5 squirts onto the hair and comb into shape to let it set.
For the ultimate Structured look, use a hair dryer to get the lift at the front with a brush and style into shape.
Then spray 5 bursts holding the bottle about 1 foot away, to hold in style for your daytime job or your night on the town.

2 reviews for MAXED

  1. Dylan

    Hair doesn’t move an inch when applied (what I need!!)

  2. Sean Dunne

    Does what it says on the tin

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