The Grafton Barber Razor

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Precisely engineered to give you the PERFECT SHAVE

About The Grafton Barber:

Established in 1961 by Hugh McAllister Snr., The Grafton Barber is an award-winning chain of Barbershops – the largest in both Ireland & The UK with nearly 50 locations as of 2020.

Through generations of barbering expertise, brothers Hugh Jnr. & Conor Mc Allister have crafted and curated a range of premium grooming products that cover the entire male grooming spectrum, made with the finest ingredients that span ever corner of the globe.

In 2018 Hugh & Conor Released ‘Grooming & Etiquette for Gentlemen & their Sons’, with a foreword by actor James Nesbitt.

The Grafton Barber – providing you the Perfect Gifts for Him both inside & outside of the barbershop. We encourage you to Shop & Buy IRISH from a 100% family owned, Irish Business with almost 100 years of barbering experience behind us!

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Product Description

Precisely engineered to give you the PERFECT SHAVE

25 reviews for The Grafton Barber Razor

  1. Liam H

    Needed a change, been using their beard oil for years and years. When I lost the beard, I trusted Grafton would also be experts and shaving and I was not disappointed. Face is smooth and knick free. The oil helps keep the blades extremely sharp between shaves

  2. Davey

    Ditched the bics for good lol

  3. Fergal

    no idea how it took yous lads so long to bring out a razor but feck me it’s unbelievable

  4. Pauly

    Nothing will beat a shave in Grafton Street, but this comes very close

  5. E Roe

    Binned my Bold King and started buying Irish when I heard grafton brought out a razor. No brainer in fairness

  6. Harry A

    Quality shave from a quality razor, sent to me by a quality company. Easy 5 stars

  7. Jimmy K

    Looking like George Clooney after using this lolol

  8. Tommo

    Great razor, have had mine over a year now. Use lukewarm water not piping when shaving, thank me later haha

  9. Barry W

    You’ve taken about 20 years off me sound lads

  10. Oisín

    Easy 5 stars

  11. Brendan L

    So glad this is a subscription now. Saving a FORTUNE lol

  12. Dave Lynch

    Smooth shave, no cuts or nicks. No complaints here

  13. Frank

    The subscription is so so handy

  14. Dave Walsh

    Not just a gimmick, it is the best razor I’ve ever used. Subscribed to their shaving club so blades come straight to my door and it’s one less thing to think of/remember

  15. Chris

    As good as if not better than using a Gillette

  16. Paul O Reily

    Closest shave by far, changed from a Wilkinson Sword and haven’t looked back

  17. Dennis S

    Closest shave on the market, the blades are very very sharp so make sure you lather up enough. Results are superb

  18. Cormac Boyle

    Was a skeptic, read the reviews but wanted to try for myself so I signed up to the subscription. Thought 2.95, what’s there to lose? And oh my god – the quality is amazing, these blades are SO sharp and last ages. I’m paying 9.99 every few months and have saved a small FORTUNE

  19. Liam Evans

    Better than Bold King, blades last much longer

  20. Padraig Byrne

    I’ve never had such a smooth shave in me life until I started using this!

  21. Benjamin Harris

    Leaves you smooth as a babys arse

  22. James Smith

    Sign up for there subscription and save yourself a few quid well worth it

  23. Fionn O’Sullivan

    Such a close shave!! The handle is comfortable and I haven’t had any scrapes which is more than I can say about other razors

  24. Cian McNamara

    best razor by a mile

  25. Darragh O’Reilly

    grafton barbers have the best shave kit all

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