At The Grafton Barber we know the importance to Gentlemen in getting their shave right. We have produced easy instructions to guide our customers on how to get ''The Perfect Shave''. Below is a step by step method on how to get your shave immaculate - wether you have a long beard or even just a bristle! There's no better feeling than a fresh shave - especially with

The Grafton Barber Shaving Products 


The most important part of your shaving ritual is the preparation. Ideally Shave after a hot shower in the gym or at home. Massage The Grafton Barber Shave Oil well into your bristle or beard, covering all areas especially under your nose and down your neck, and leave to soak for 30 seconds.

2. Lather

Add a couple of drops of warm water to the The Grafton Barber Shave Soap to soften it, it is available in: Lemon, Menthol & Sandalwood Scent.Then place your shave brush into the bowl and using a thumb size amount on the top of the brush, use circular motions to massage into your beard or bristle.Cover all areas especially around the nose neck and just under your ear lobes - yes hair can grow there too!

3. Shaving

Keeping the soap or cream moist at all times is very important - if it dries up it will be like shaving with sandpaper! Always keep your shaving soap or cream moist with warm water.Mark out your lock at the side of your face under you ear and using a small bit of pressure, use firm downward strokes towards your neck.
Repeat all around your face, when you come to your nose, use your fingers to ‘pinch” the nose upward so you can get the razor right in tight. Pay particular caution not to over do the strokes to avoid razor burn.For a really close shave, you can repeat the whole process and use upward strokes.

4. Moisturise

After your shave, splash cold water over your face to rinse off excess residue and also to close any pores.
Its always advisable to use The Grafton Barber Moisturising Gel to cool the skin & to create a protective layer over the face. Moisturising after a shave prevents irritation & itchiness throughout the day.