Grafton Barber Owner Survives Terrifying Shark Attack

Mr. Barry Whitelaw is the owner of three Grafton Barber stores, located in Blackrock, Cornelscourt & Dalkey and he tells the story of his brief encounter with the great white:

Mr. Barry Whitelaw, owner of Blackrock, Cornelscourt & Dalkey

I decided to go to Bondi beach one summer on a break from college with my mates from Northern Ireland.

I’ve always been a keen surfer, and living close to the Glens of Antrim I have always had the perfect teaching ground as a kid.

One sunny day I decided to take my board out on the iconic beach. The water wasn’t too rough and the waves had a nice roll so I paddled out to where I knew I could catch some decent waves.

While I was lying on my board waiting, I felt something nudge the back of my board, knocking me into the sea.

When I looked around I seen these large triangle teeth and I had my foot in the jaws of a great white. I punched him as hard as I could in the nose, he had his jaws closed on my foot but he must have realised I was from Belfast and let go!

I was blessed I didn’t lose the whole leg! I am still able to cut hair at The Grafton Barber although I get tired quickly.

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