Sandalwood Aftershave

This is an original cologne from The Grafton Barber, it is a woody, aromatic & complex scent, 100ml,

Only €39.99


Revitalising Tonic

This is used for Dry Scalp, Thinning Hair & Dandruff.
Apply 4-5 drops on freshly shampooed, towel dried hair. Massage well into the scalp for 30 seconds to one minute. Do not rinse out. Use 2-3 times per week

Only €11.95

Brad Pitt a renowned Hollywood actor & producer was born in 1963 in Shawnee Oklahoma, Pitt grew up in Springfield, Missouri & also attended college and studied journalism there. Pitt later dropped out of college to make the move to L.A. He is now famous for his roles in ''Fight Club'', ''Oceans 11'', ''Mr. & Mrs. Smith'' & many more successful movies. Pitt started off playing insignificant roles in movies such as ''21 Jump Street'', ''Cutting Class'' & ''Happy Together''. He got his big break when he landed the lead role as Tristan Ludlow the son of  William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins)  in ''Legends of The Fall''. Shortly after his big break he worked with the famous Morgan Freeman in ''Seven''- Brad successfully built up his Hollywood reputation. Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston for five years, however in 2005 they split up. Brad was rumored to have fell for his on screen wife Angelina Jolie in ''Mr & Mrs Smith'' in 2004. Soon Pitt & Jolie we're exclusive, they had children together & got married in 2014. Unfortunately Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016 and shocked the world. The reason for the divorce is yet to be revealed.

Brad Pitts timeline of haircuts is certainly questionable from his long bleached locks to his fringed bangs. However Pitt made a statement with his striking disconnected undercut for the movie ''Fury'', it includes very fine & short sides with a longer amount of hair on top slicked back. In 2014 Pitt starred in ''Fury'' as a grizzled tank commander.  They are outnumbered and face an overwhelming journey to take on their enemies in Nazi Germany. He receives a soldier to substitute his deceased gunner. Pitt who plays ''Sergeant Don Collier'' tries to toughen up the weak soldier. Pitt's character is a tough, no nonsense tank commander - he wants to complete his mission no matter what. 

Pitt's undercut  gives off a strong, masculine look & this cut is often today seen on men sporting these fine, short sides with a grizzly overgrown beard. This classic barber cut is so versatile which is why it is now back in style - there are  many versions of this hairstyle. You can wear this look completely slicked back or disheveled it depends on how you wish to wear it. 

How To Achieve Brad Pitts Famous Fury Hairstyle: 

  1. Shampoo your hair using The Grafton Barber D2 Re-build Peppermint Protein Thickening Shampoo – ideally leave the rebuild on your scalp for a couple of minutes while you shower. Our D2 Re-build Shampoo is useful for preventing hair loss & making the hair look thicker and fuller. Condition your hair using The Grafton Barber D3 Re-construct Coconut Protein Conditioner. For best results comb through then leave for a minimum of one minute & rinse thoroughly. The Benefits of using Our Re- construct conditioner is it combats oily scalp. Now your hair is product free. 
  2. Use 2-3 sprays of The Grafton Barber Volumed thickening & texture spray - spray directly on the scalp & use a comb to distribute the product evenly. Using a vent brush & your hairdryer on medium heat start from the crown and blow dry the hair in backward motions & repeat this step in order to get as much root lift as possible. Continue the same motion until hair is dry & very volumised.
  3. Using a small amount of The Grafton Barber Polished Gloss Wax work through the hair with your fingers to distribute the product evenly & to also give you that layered, sleek, disheveled, look. 
  4. Finally to lock that style into place use The Grafton Barber Maxed Hairspray spray 6-7 inches from the hair . Style it, Fix it, Leave it.

In four simple steps you have achieved Brad Pitts Famous Fury Hairstyle. If you don't find an ''Angelina Jolie'' with this hairstyle - unfortunately there's nothing we can do! 

Re-Build protein Thickening Shampoo Only 12.95 euro

Re-Construct Protein Conditioner Only 12.95 euro

Volumed Thickening & Texturising Spray Only 12.95 euro 

Polished Gloss Wax 100ml Only 11.95 euro

Maxed Hair Spray 150ml Invisible Effect Only 11.95 euro

Rugby Players Ireland: 

The Grafton Barber had the pleasure of welcoming some of the Leinster Irish Rugby Team into our Donnybrook branch. The team came along for some fun activities in our barbershop as the lads had taken a massive interest in barbering recently. They had a great laugh cutting & styling each others hair - with the close supervision of our barbers!! However they did learn a lot from the experience. By the end of the workshop the Rugby Players we're well capable of holding a scissors correctly & cutting, blow drying and styling the hair & they also learned how to use a cut throat razor. 

We judged the best & worst haircuts & had great entertainment from the players along the way - although we have to admit it wasn't as simple as we expected to pick the best haircut because they all had done a pretty decent job! They left our Donnybrook branch as groomed gentlemen with even more skill than they came in with. It was our pleasure lads - we can't wait to see yous all again!  



The Irish Film & Tv Academy Awards 2017:

The Grafton Barbers we're the official groomers of the Irish Film & Tv Academy for 2017 & we have been for seven years running. We work backstage with all of the nominees to ensure they are camera ready. Our very own Lizzie Mcghee looks after Ireland's most accredited actors back stage including: Deirdre O'Kane, Lisa Cannon, Brendan Gleeson, Finnoula Flanagan, James Nesbitt, Peter Coonan & Amy Huberman - the list is endless. We also make sure to give some Grafton Barber goodies to each and every IFTA nominee. 

98fm's The Best Of Dublin Awards: 

The Grafton Barber have been notified that we are finalists in 98FM's Best Of Dublin Awards 2017. We have been shortlisted by the public in the category ''Best Barber'' - We are delighted to say the least! Voting has started and ends May 12th - so GET VOTING!! Simply go to: & follow the instructions. The winners will be announced at The Best Of Dublin Awards Tuesday May 23rd in the RDS. 

The Grafton Barber have teamed with RTE to do a €200 Grafton Barber giveaway! The prize includes: A Shampoo Restyle Voucher, A Royal Open Razor Shave Voucher, Pasted Moulding Paste, Fibred Fibre Gum, Polished Gloss Wax, Textured Texturising Cream, Shaped Shaping Cream, The Grafton Barber Sandalwood Aftershave, Shave Soap, Shaving Brush, Shaving Oil, Beard Oil, The Grafton Barber Tonic Hair Revitaliser, The Grafton Barber Moisturising Gel & Grafton Barber Merchandise.  

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The Grafton Barbers Fathers Day Competition - Coming Very Soon! 


Shanahan's On The Green is an American Style Steakhouse & Seafood Restaurant, just located off St. Stephen's Green. Shanahan's is a strong fusion of American & Irish culture - They are famous for their delicious steaks and impeccable service of the highest standard. If you are looking for the best steak in Dublin look no further - Shanahan's On The Green as well as having attentive service, their steaks are cooked to perfection. The portions are quite big and the steaks are two inches thick accompanied by scrumptious side portions including crispy fired onion rings & creamed spinach. Shanahan's On The Green is much more than a restaurant - it's an experience - the atmosphere, food & service is simply exquisite. Gentlemen if you have any special occasions coming up Shanahan's is definitely a must. 

The Grafton Barber introduction to barbering is a VTCT Level 2 accredited course and recognised worldwide. This is the equivalent to the Level 4 NFQ award. All full-time courses include 6 weeks work experience in one of our Grafton Barber shops which could lead to possible employment. It is a beginners course for participants of all ages who would like to enter the barbering industry.

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