How to Choose the Perfect Barber

All men out there need a highly trained barber looking after his hair throughout his life, that will know exactly what he wants every time he comes through the door.
When you become a regular in a barber shop, the barber gets used to your hair, what way it grows, if it sticks up in certain areas, how to cheat and cover balding patches and the type of products best suited to your style.
So this is why the word “the usual” is used in so many well-established Barbershops today.
When I cut hair I can remember people that have visited from foreign places and might have not been in the shop in 10 years but could remember where they where going to eat that night!
Barbers become that close to some clients that as the client  graduates from school, goes abroad for work, we find that when they return to work here, their first port of call is to see their old friends for a haircut and “the usual”

So how do you know a good barber from a bad one?

How do you avoid going through numerous bad haircuts before you find the right barber shop

We at the grafton barber will take the ease out of finding out

It’s always better to ask work collogues or mates who always have the coolest up to date cuts and see where they go.

If you arrive at any grafton barber branch, never be afraid to say you are waiting on a particular barber, barbers do not take offence that you have found a chosen one! The barber might be male, female, not from Ireland, or not talk too much, so NEVER be afraid to wait for the barber you have got use to until they are ready.
Again remember, they now know your head!

There is an old saying in barbershops that the barber with the worst haircut is the best barber as he is cutting everybody else’s hair!
Of course this isn’t true, if your barber is un kept and not as sharp as you would expect him to be with his appearance, strong hand shake, and able to look you in the eye with a pleasant smile, chances are he isn’t going to make you feel very safe and secure when he yields a scissors on you hair!
They should always look sharp, fresh shirt and tie, smelling of aftershave and mostly clean shaving (unless the trend is like it is at the moment, beards)

No fully qualified barber will EVER mind being asked about his /her credentials
Engage with him, find out where they have worked, how long they are at it
All THE GRAFTON BARBER staff is fully qualified and we also retrain barbers who come from different shops in the way we do things.
They will be proud to boast, especially if they have trained with us, about their achievements, what famous celebrities they have done and their large client list.
If they have a large client base and are always rushed off their feet, then they are in demand, if they are ‘always’ free, you can work that one out yourself.!!

You are paying their wages so never go to or be placed with a barber that you have had a bad experience with before .its your hard earned money and again, the barber should not take offence.

If the owner does not have the interest in painting the shop, supplying up to date magazines and newspapers, offering refreshments and our PET hate, not sweeping the hair clippings off the floor after EVERY haircut, then the shop will probably not have a good work ethic or environment. There are plenty of first class barbershops out there so NEVER settle for anything but the best.