Since the beginning of the 20th century, barber chairs were built in Catania, Sicily and exported throughout the world

The chairs were conceived according to the style and tradition of old Sicily and became important in the Ateliers of the most famous and well known hairstylists, make up artists and Barbers, which really came to the Fore front of the Italian American fashion and the Movie Making industries During the 70,s, with the introduction of plastic and aluminum, famous hairdressers started a search to restore these chairs with the original materials.

At this stage the supplies had been exhausted and the craftsmen were very few and far between, so they appealed to them to start production again and source the materials that were used originally.

This gave THE GRAFTON BARBER a mission, to find a family of craftsman’s ship handed down through generations that built chairs out of love of the Art of chair design using raw materials

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Though our search has taking more than 20 years of travel to various corners of the world, purchasing and road testing hundreds of barber chairs, we have found something VERY special and unique and we have had to go back to where they originated, the great craftsmen of Sicily

We have a very special bond with our Craftsmen; they produce unique and special items that you will NEVER see anywhere else.

If you want something that Not many barbers will appreciate, only the selected few that have BARBERING in their blood line, and that will know that this investment is a once in a lifetime investment, this is what makes it worth while for your clients and you to come to you store.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail you can email me: hugh@graftonbarbers.com