Buying a Suit? Here are 8 ESSENTIAL Tips from The Grafton Barber!


At the Grafton Barber we want you to be the most stylish version of you, from head to toe! For some men, buying a suit can be a difficult undertaking. Which shoes go with which style? Brogues, Oxfords…Trainers? It can be challenging to get the look just right, but is extremely rewarding & satisfying once you do!

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the different facets of dressing like a gentlemen – From hair to shoes and everything in between!

The first step is identifying the colour and material of suit you want to wear. 

We’ve assembled 8 tips to help assemble to perfect suit!

Make sure the suit is made with authentic thread that drapes elegantly.

Make sure the construction of your suit (where the outer fabric parts the lining) does not lead into one another and mix – it should never be mixed, always outlined!

Suits need a good shoulder fit. Seams should never go beyond your shoulder!

The lining should always be made with fine silk or a similar fabric. Your suit jacket should always be tailored to your fit – the hem is very important (where the lining is hung, folded & pressed)

Pockets should never be bulky on a suit – they should barely be noticeable – smooth and level.

Buttons must always be one of the following materials: natural horn, mother of pearl, polished brass or ceramic. This is a deal breaker! If the buttons are cheap, the suit is cheap.

There should be a subtle roll in your lapels

It is vital your stitching is not frayed – it must be tight, clean & strong!

And that’s it, follows these tips and you’ll have yourself a well fitted & well crafted suit to be proud of!