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The Grafton Barber is Ireland’s largest chain of family owned barbershops.

The very first store opened in 1961 by Hugh Mc Allister Sr. and Bernadette Mc Allister in the times of the troubles on Church Lane in Belfast Northern Ireland.

When the troubles started in the early 70s they decided to move to Dublin with their young family and pass on their love of barbering to their 2 sons Hugh and Conor

The 2 sons originally went into and learned the trade of unisex hairdressing  and both got involved in hairdressing on movie sets with both men and women , but quickly noticed that there was nowhere male clients could go to get  VIP service along with modern clean well-groomed styles , in a modern environment, that put cleanliness, service , know how , price and the client needs at the forefront.

It’s here that they opened their flagship store in 1993 on the iconic Grafton Street Dublin 2, and it became a haunt for celebrities visiting, Dennis Hopper officially opening the store for them.

They gained experience travelling the world with the celebrities styling their hairs on film sets and accumulated knowledge on aromas and fragrances from every continent, from oud tree in Thailand to sandalwood essence and gained knowledge of every hair type and product knowledge to be able to give the best advice to their clients and staff of how best to style and manage their hair

Using those ingredients, they found some old recipes that had been passed down through 4 generations of their family of barbers. They put a lot of blood sweat and tears into developing their own distinctive product range

Their full product range of 26 styling products are available in all Grafton Barber stores, which include, wax, polish, gels, creams, shaving oils and soaps, and the very special signature tonic which helps stop hair loss, thinning hair and dry scalp.

The Grafton Barber product range has heritage, represents Quality, developed by barbers for barbers and clients, is Irish made, and represents what is going on in the grooming boom that is happening all around the world.